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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Feliz Navidad"

Hello everyone well first off just want to say feliz navidad. I can’t believe it’s already my 2nd one here in the mish. It’s nothing to special. It’s just another day but its crazy to me that a whole year has passed by since the last one before we all know it I will be home once again.

This week was a pretty good week got a few things done but not to many people want us this time of the year. They are to busy giving thanks to the virgin Maria Guadalupe (she isn’t even the lady that gave birth to Christ it’s another one) they are too involved loving her to remember that our savior came into the world this time of the year. It’s pretty crazy cause we found a lady this week and she told us that she use to be catholic and I was like well for what motivation did you change your religion and she told me and she read the bible! Haha BURN is what I thought.

This week I did divisions with my buddy elder Ruska one of the zone leaders and I really enjoyed it. We put a baptismal date and found 4 new inv. it went really well I really liked the way that he teaches.  He teaches people and doesn’t teach just lessons. He finds there needs and teaches in the direction. It was like a quote that elder Jeffery Holland said when he came to the MTC and I was there he said the people don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care.

That was the manner that Ruska was teaching. He would talk to them show them that he cares for them and then teaches towards the things he feels they need. I have been trying it do the same in place of just going right into the lesson and putting another number in my planner of another lesson taught I take my time to talk to them find out theirworries and their needs then try to help them see that the gospel of Christ meets all of those things. It’s going pretty good with the few people that have let us in this week.

Elder Tec and I went to go do a service project this week with hna Lupita/ fam. Villanueva. We cut a ton of grass and weeds that were in a lot next to where they live. They are getting kicked out of their house and are going to build next door a house for them to stay in. We are trying to help them get everything ready that we can. We went and cut with machetes for a couple hours then she invited us to eat. This family doesn’t have much at all but hna lupita made us some soup and Elder Tec and I ate a bowl and we were stuffed. I know it was made with love cause we were starving and we ate a little bit of that and we were full enough to go the rest of the day with out eating we felt like we were going to blow up. We even cancelled our food that we had that day cause there was no way we were going to be able to eat it as well. It was really amazing and I had never had something like that happen before. hna lupita and here grand daughter have their date for baptism this Saturday Christmas day. We are really excited for it.

This week went week and I will remember w few things forever. I'm so great for the places I have been and the people I have met. I love it. I hope all of you enjoy you Christmas and the holidays as much as I will. I love you all.

LOVE Elder Sawyer Garrett GOFF

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

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