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Monday, April 12, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Baptisms and Snowmen"

Elder A. Goff in Montana

Hey Family,

This week was a good and interesting one. I'll start off by saying in snowed again on April 6th and on April 7th we tried to clear the drive of the members we live with and once again the snow blower wouldn't work because the snow was too wet. So we built a 13 foot tall snowman! The balls were so huge we had to call the other elders to come help us at lunch. We made it happen though and it was huge. I'll attach a picture on here.

On the 8th we had the baptisms for the 3 Trospers. It was a little scary. Their car broke down right before the baptism. We had to find them a ride last second. When they got there the oldest daughter decided she wanted to wait to be baptized. So only the Mom and younger daughter got dressed in the white clothes. Then she changed her mind and got dressed too. Ugh..Then the guy that was going to baptize them showed up half an hour late. So we had the branch president getting dressed to baptize them instead. Then right as President Larsen got dressed the guy showed up. So after all of that it finally happened. It was an amazing service once it got started.

On the 10th Tiema and Adrianna got baptized. Everything for them went really smooth. It was a great service. They were smiling the whole time. :D We had members of the branch do basically everything. Elder Kuck and I planned it pretty much, but we asked those being baptized to think of people in the branch they would like to participate. So Members did the talks, the baptisms, the confirmations..pretty much everything. I think that's how it should be in most cases. Missionaries move on. Members will stay there to keep them active. :D It was awesome though.

Next thing. TRANSFERS!!! We got the call on Friday. I kinda had the feeling I would be staying. but....When the call came I found out I am STAYING!!! haha Elder Kuck left Yesterday. He is going to Townsend, Montana. Where I served for a transfer the first time I trained. As soon as I found out Elder Kuck was leaving I had this thought come to me saying Elder Goff...You are training again. Half an hour later I got the call from President Gardner asking me to train again. I can’t believe I'm training again. It's going to be fun. I really enjoy training. I haven't even hit a year yet and I have been asked to train for the 3rd time. Not many Elders train 3 times in this mission.

When I was out 4 1/2 months I was asked to train and we were doubled into Townsend and Helena. I was with Elder Child for 3 months when I was asked to train for the second time. Then I was with Elder Newman (#2) for 3 months as well. Then I was transferred to Lander where I was put with an elder who had only been out for 6 weeks. And now I have been asked to train again. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever have a companion that knows what he is doing. ;) The best part about training is seeing the Elder change. Going for being awkward and nervous the first week to being confident and teaching with the spirit by the end of the first transfer.

So since Elder Kuck is gone you may wonder who I am with. I got on the Transfer van with Elder Kuck and came to Worland Wyoming to be with the Zone Leader. We are both waiting for our new companions who will be here on Wednesday. Transfers take about 4 days because our mission is so big. Plus this time it's a huge transfer. 54 missionaries are being moved. Crazy right?

So that was my week. I don't know my new companion's name. You pretty much never do if you are training until the moment he is standing in front of you.

Joli, Thank you for your e-mail. It's always nice to hear from you. I'm still waiting for a letter from you! I hope you are all doing well. I'm surviving.

Love Elder Austin Gene Goff

P.S. Could someone get Bishop Brotherson's address for me?

Current Area: Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder ???

Snow in Montana

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