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Monday, April 19, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Got Another Greenie and had a good week"

Elder Goff and his new companion, Elder Ika

Family Friends and Loved ones alike,
Today I would like to present to you......Drum roll Please......Elder Ika from St. George, Utah. My newest Greenie. (Pronounced EEKA) I met him on Wednesday afternoon when the transfer van came through Worland to pick me up and drop off the other Elder's companion that I was with from Sunday until that point. Elder Vroom, one of the Elders I came out with is now in the office at the mission home so Wednesday morning he called me and said that "the egg had left the nest". So I was able to know that his name was Elder Ika and he was as close to a black companion as I would get. He is Half Tongan. He is a good size dude. Shorter than I am, but he is a big boy. Incredibly Chill though. We get along great. He is 24 and was inactive for a long time, but he kinda turned things around and came on a mission. He is willing to learn and to follow my lead. He is going to be assistant. I can see it now....All up in lights above the mission home. "ELDER IKA THE ASSISTANT RESIDES HERE" His story is a lot like mine. So I feel like we have that connection.

Last transfer I felt like Elder Kuck and I did a lot of great things, but there were times that I felt like we were just wandering around pointlessly. Tracting in a town as small as Lander is pretty pointless as well. It's been tracted over and over by tons of Elders and Sisters. So year after year we are knocking on the same doors and getting the same answer...NO! So Elder Ika and I are taking a different approach. We are putting the ward list in order by streets. Then we are contacting everyone on the list. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE. We will keep trying until we find them home and either get an appointment or them asking us not to come back. We did this with about 4 streets in Lander and contacted a bunch of people we didn't know. We set up 3 appointments and ended the day with 4 lessons. I would highly recommend it to missionaries who feel as though they do too much pointless wandering. It gives you something to do and also helps you to locate part member families, less active and inactive members. Then when you teach them and try to get them back to church they are bound to have loads of non-member friends. So this is the new approach we are taking in staying busy and finding new people to teach. It's already working and I'm very excited about it if you can’t tell.

Oh yes..Also. While I was in Worland with Elder Liljenquist we went to the local dollar store and bought some sweet fake mustaches and I have been playing with them ever since. I will attach some pictures for you. When the van came to Worland We met them in a grocery store parking lot and we had our mustaches on. My line was, (in a western accent) hey there, my name is Elder Goff and I want you to know that I grew this myself. Then picture me pointing at my ridiculous mustache. I also would like you to know that I did not do this to anyone except missionaries. I mean come on...I have Christ's name on my chest. :D

Elder Newman got transferred from Helena. I'm not sure where he went, but I'm guessing one of the Billings zones or Glendive. I'll find out sooner or later I'm sure. Elder Child is still in Havre. Elder Heywood is actually going to Lewistown and will be Elder Child's District leader. Everything is going well. I got an email from Both JoliAnn and Grandma Goff. I really enjoyed both of them. I got one from Tiff too of course. She never fails to at least send an E-mail. Thank you! :D I also got a year mark package from Tiff and Jason. 2 more sweet ties. I got the package on Friday. I wore the sweet yellow one on Saturday and Sunday I liked it so much. :D Lots' of food in the package as well. Can’t go wrong with food. :D The candy will take me a while to eat. I don't really eat a whole lot of junk food. Occasionally I will.

I can’t believe my Hump Day is almost here. MY YEAR MARK!!! Its gone fast I have to say. All the Elders my first day out here at the mission home were saying just wait...It goes by so fast. And I thought to myself..."TWO YEARS..I'm pretty sure it's going to feel like 2 years. One year hasn't felt like a year. It's gone way faster than that. I've heard the 2nd year goes even faster. I guess we will see. JoliAnn has reminded me that I turn 21 next week too! Wowzers. :D I would also like to give a shout out to Momma Mangum. She is turning the ripe old age of 29. :D Jessica Mangum as well. I'm waiting for her to write back so I'll just ask Momma Mangum to tell her Happy Birthday. :D

I love you all thanks for the prayers. All is well, All is well.
Love, Elder G
The Elders wearing their weird mustaches

Current Area: Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Ika

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