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Monday, April 12, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "3 Nephi 3:5"

Elder S. Goff in Mexico

Sorry I don’t have much time so I didn’t get to read your e mail but you and Garrett look good together.

So this morning on our way into town I got contacted by some jw they were from Oregon and didn’t speak Spanish but wanted to invite me to a talk this next Sunday I was really nice about it and took what he gave me but when he was done I tried to talk about what we do and he didn’t like that at all he wouldn’t even take the pamphlet I tried to give to him oh well though I tried.

Tuesday of this week Tampico was shut down no one could enter and no one could leave it was because of some gang stuff that has been going on. Yesterday and Saturday there was supposedly a 12 noon curfew but nothing was really going on where we are so we just went out and worked anyhow.

So this week I also got a call from another elder here in my zone and he was asking me questions of what I was doing the day before and it was kind of weird but come to find out it was because some people in his ward were saying they say me making out with someone in there ward. So he was checking what was up with me. I talk him I was with my comp working all day so it could not have been me. He told me that he was going to talk to the members and make it so they wouldn’t think that anymore and hopefully not tell anyone more. It was pretty ridiculous though.

I found out this week that I hate mangos. Everyone here loves them and they are all over the place now but I think they are so gross. Everyone always gives them to us and I just put them in my bag and give them to my comp when we get home.

I think that thinks have worked out exactly how they were supposed to. Me and Wolfe were talking and I love that guy now he is a great guy we were talking about how we were in the mtc and now how we are and things have a way of working themselves out I think that everything right now has all happened for a reason.


P.S.  More stuff I wanted to ask...

I need a usb memory card converter next time you send something please

Did you put all my pics on discs and put them somewhere safe? And did you put and wrestling one on the thing you’re sending me? And I really need dad to send me a pic of him and his semi.

3 Nephi 5:3 I like this scripture cause it’s about me :)

love ya sis thanks

Current Area: Monte Alto - Altamira, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tovar 

Rain in Mexico

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