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Monday, April 19, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Any guesses about transfers??"

Elder Goff... being himself :)

Hey Peeps!
Tiff so Kennady drew me some pics awhile back and sent me and I just drew a couple for her do you think she would like if I sent her a couple? They are of Mickey Mouse.

So, think week has been filled with TJs all over. I have been learning a little more about like what they believe and stuff and it helps me to know what to say. I don’t bible bash or anything but just tell them what we believe and yeah. But we contacted an area this week that was just full of them.

This week in Altamira the news was kinda crazy. This week there were 2 police officers hung from a bride in town and 2 others that were curb stomped to death in Centro. There are gangs that have been fighting in and around here lately and things get kinda crazy some days but I’m fine. I’m not scared or anything cause I’m a missionary.

This week we dropped a lot of investigators we have been working with but weren’t improving any and did a lot of looking for new people. Its going ok and this week we will work extra hard. Its week 6 of the change and I’m pretty sure I’ll be leaving next Monday to who knows where. Hopefully down south right Danny? :) I think that would be awesome to be where he was but where ever I go I’ll be fine with it.

Yesterday I was very board Wolfe was dying in bed and my comp had a talk in church and Wolfe and his comp too. So I went over stayed with Wolfe and my comp talked in both wards and I baby sat Wolfe. He was throwing up and stuff and I just read. I love Wolfe he is a great guy and really smart I wish I had some brains like him his Spanish is amazing but it’s ok. My comp sat me down and talk to me about Spanish and stuff this week we have a game plan and now I just gotta do it. I want to speak Spanish but it’s just not that easy but its coming.

I love you all have a great week and I’ll let you guys know where I end up going this next week or maybe on Saturday when we get them cause we have to go to the computer to receive them and I’ll try to tell ya'll where I’m headed.

Lotta love S.GOFF

Oh, and grandma Goff thinks I’m in Tijuana lol Let her know where I am and tell her I love her and thanks for her e mails

Current Area: Monte Alto - Altamira, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tovar

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