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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Hey Family"

"Elder G riding a giant jackalope in DuBois, Wyoming"

Hey there everyone,

Sorry I'm e-mailing today, yesterday when we came to e-mail we didn't have much time and the stinking website wasn't working. So we are all e-mailing today in Lander. This week was good. As District Leader I have to go on team ups with each companionship in the district. We went with one companionship from Riverton last Tuesday. Then on Thursday Elder Searle and I went to Worland for team ups with the Zone Leaders. Today we are on team ups with Elder Catron and Ika. Then Thursday we will be on team ups with the other Riverton Elders. It's gone pretty good. We have stayed busy really well this time around.

Last p-day was pretty lame. We didn't do a whole lot. Yesterday for p-day we had a ball. Elder Catron and Elder Ika were in DuBois and told us to find a ride up for P-Day. So we called Brother Anderson who took us to Cody for our specialized training. He told us he would take us early Monday morning. So we got a ride and went up there. Andrew Myers, the Son of the branch mission leader took us to a couple of sweet places. The first place was some Secret caves. There aren't very many people who know about them. So we went in these caves and explored for a while and crawled through some tiny holes. Haha It was a good time. We also went to what is called the natural bridge. It was way cool too. Elder Catron and I went with Andrew down inside the natural bridge. The other two didn't want to come because going down was pretty steep. It was a good time though. I'll send a bunch of pictures with this e-mail.

I have a neat story from team ups last Tuesday. Elder Hepworth was with me, and we went to see Jay Parker. He is originally from Tennessee, and is southern Baptist. Just a great great guy. His wife was reactivated 2 years ago and went through the temple a couple of months ago. We have taught him a lot and he hasn't really progressed much. So Elder Hepworth and I used some of the new training we learned to find out what was going on in his head. What was holding him up. We ended up asking a lot of questions and just letting him spill his heart. He told us he has never read anything in The Book of Mormon he doesn't agree with. He said he does however have a problem with Joseph Smith. He went into a little more detail about how he was taught growing up. So we basically told him that all of those doubts and concerns can be resolved by reading and praying about The Book of Mormon. We went to Matthew 7. Talked about how a false prophet cannot write a true book. So if The Book of Mormon is true than his concerns about Joseph Smith would have no foundation. He said it really does make sense. So we asked him if he had ever really Read and Prayed about The Book of Mormon or not. He said he has never specifically asked to know if The Book of Mormon was true. So we committed him to do it and he said he would. So hopefully he will ask. He will get his answer if he does.

I keep having the feeling I'm going to get transferred out of Lander after this transfer is over. I'll be sad to leave if it happens, but I have learned already that there is a reason for everything. I have told you guys a little about Sister Dena Deking before, her husband passed away a while back and she has a daughter Joli's age still in the house. Elder Ika and I visited her every week and really enjoyed being in her home. We taught her a lot and she started coming back to church. We counted her as reactivated after she came for 2 months or so. Then she was called as a relief society teacher. She has taught once a month for 3 months now and she started going to the temple prep class 2 weeks ago!!!! AHHH!!! It makes me so happy. I have really enjoyed seeing it all. So I hope it continues. :D I think she was a big reason why I have been here. She told me last time we went over that she was grateful God sent me to her. She assured me she needed me here when I got here. So, that made me feel really really good.

Not a whole lot else has happened this week. I hope you all are doing well. I have a bunch of letters I need to write back to. I am going to be sad when I'm not getting mail and it's going to be my own fault. You gotta write letters to get letters.

Sister Larsen in Riverton called and talked to me after she talked to Pops. She is a sweet lady. She is always trying to make sure we have the things we need. A set of Elders live with her so we see her all the time. She is making a cook book with all the Elders that come to her house. So she called to find some different recipes I asked for. :) I guess Pops and I both have that "Melodious Radio Voice". I am glad you had a good time on Cedar Mountain Tiff and Jason. I can’t wait to be able to go dink around on a 4 wheeler sometime. I love you all.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

"Entrance to the secret caves"

"Huge cavern, Elder Ika and Catron"


"Leroy my snake friend again"

"Looking Down"

"Part of the natural bridge"

"salagtites and stalagmites"

"Scary hole I crawled through"


"The Natural Bridge"
"Where Elder Catron and I went in"

Current Area: Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Searle

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celeste said...

Sounds like the brothers Goff are both crossing paths with Tennesseans! And, their father served in the TN Knoxville Mission? Small world isn't it!