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Monday, August 23, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello Everyone"

Hello Everyone,

well this week has been a pretty good week. to start out with the good we put a date for someone to get baptized but the bad thing is she didn’t come to church so it’s not going to happen just yet. she really wants it but she needs to come to church too is the thing. she had the date for the 28th of this month moms birthday so I was stocked for that I thought that would be a great day but it didn’t work out that way so maybe one more week. the ladies name is Estela; she is like 55 years old and knows 6 languages. she was born in Italia then moved here with her parents but then left back to Europe and lived in Greece for awhile then came back here once again. she knows Italian, Spanish, French, English, Greek, and Japanese. this lady is amazing and is so smart she first talked to missionaries last November and has read the book of Mormon 3 times already and knows she need to get baptized and that’s all that she wants right now. I know it will happen I'm just not sure when. we went to teach her the 1st lesson the restauracion and she ended up teaching it to us. she was trying to quiz us lol. she asked one to my comp about what José smith’s dad did for a living and my com didn’t know the answer but I said he worked as a farmer and she was like good job and just went on quizzing my comp the whole time. she told him after that she knows he has a good heart and that she knows he wants to teach well but told him to keep working. Estela has 2 sons and 1 daughter. one of here sons studied at Harvard and invented java something for bettles in the computers I know I have heard about it well it was her son who made that. she has got a ton of great stories and has been around the world and she knows a ton so it’s awesome talking to her. she told us that she knows that the book of Mormon it true and that this truly is the church of Christ restored threw José smith and she just wants to be part of this great work she is an amazing lady. we gave here a blessing one day we visited her cause her shoulder was really hurting her. we did it and after she started balling and I wasn’t to sure why but said that it didn’t hurt anymore she started moving it around in all directions and was just so happy. it was a great experience and a great thing was that there was a guy named ladis from our ward with us. he is 22 and has been thinking about going on a mission and he was part of the blessing we gave to her he stood in and now he has been telling everyone that he is going on a mission. he was with us for 3 whole days this passed week and I was praying so hard for something to happen so he would have a stronger desire to serve and it happened it was great.

ladis turned his papers in before and he isn’t sure why but the bishop never sent them in so ladis decided that he just wasn’t going to go then but now he is thinking about it again and we told him we will help him get his papers done and everything so he can be on his way. he is a way cool guy and I had fun being with him this week and we want to go with us more this coming week. we got a new bishop yesterday as well so I think that will help him to have the desire to go for it again. he even took us to a few of his friend’s houses so we could talk to them about the message and everything so it’s been great.

there is this family that we are working with right now that all came with us to church this week as well. there names are Alfonso, Jessica, and there 2 kids Juan José and Jesus Alfonzo. Juan José is way excited about the church and loves it all he is almost 10 and has been reading the bom and everything so it’s great. the dad Alfonzo is a little tougher he is a great guy but is really catholic like everyone else here but he did go with us yesterday so that was good. he only went to the 1st hour in which they were sustaining the new bishop brick and Alfonzo thought it was just super boring. hopefully we can get him to go again and feel the spirit and be happy with it because Jessica liked is and the 2 kids did as well. we will keep working with them and I hope it all goes well but the thing is before we put them in the water then need to get married. that is kind of a problem but we can do it.

well this week was great and on Saturday we find out transfers I don’t think anything will happen I think I will end up having 6 months here just like my 1st area but ill let yall know I love you guy and ill see ya soon.

love yall,

Sawyer Garrett

Oh and here are some pics of me and the family we live with I found a sweet trucker hat last night when I was helping them clean and they said I could have it and I decided I wanted to take some fun pics with them. there is one of me and ladis and one of me playing in the jungle as well love ya

Hey I was wondering if you could send me a couple recipes just in case I ever see an oven or real stove in the mission.  One of how to make brownies, tater tot casserole, and how to make like alfredo sauce cause I don’t think it'd be too hard. love you thanks.  And, ask moms and pops if they still get free rooms and the casinos.

love ya

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Salazar

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