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Monday, August 16, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Fam"

Nagtuvi and me at his last zone conference

I always have good experiences but this week I had one that I really thought was great. so we were out knocking on doors for a really long time and couldn’t find anyone that wanted to listen. we had an appointment that we went to but it fell threw so we were walking to another persons house to see if they were home. Well, on our way we passed by this house where a guy was outside getting ready to paint the house. Well, we walked by and I said good afternoon like I do to everyone and just kept walking. I had a feeling to go back but I told myself no he will just say no like everyone else has today and I kept walking. then I felt like I needed to again and I was like I really don’t want to go back to him just so he can say that he is busy and that god blesses us. then I felt it again and I stopped in the street and I was like we gotta go back. my comp was kind of confused but we went back and I started talking to the guy and I wasn’t too excited cause I thought it was just my head telling us to go. well I just asked him if he would like to hear a message that we share and he was like yeah I would love to hear it. it really surprised me but it was great. we taught the 1st lesson then we asked if we could stop by another time he told us he didn’t live there but he gave us his direction and it was in the area of elder heppler so I really hope he progresses. I was happy that I did finally go back and talk to him. I really thought it was just myself thinking but I know it wasn’t now.

we have been teaching a family now that is coming along great. they were going to come to church with us yesterday but they ended up not waking up till we stopped by to pick them up. we have church at nine so its tough for some people but the mom of the family didn’t want to go because she couldn’t get ready fast enough but the 2 kids said that they still wanted to go and got changed really fast. the kids loved church. well it seemed like it and said they want to go again next week. it’s a great family and I hope they keep progressing.

hna. angelica a inactive lady in the ward that has 2 kids we are teaching told me this week that she is my Mexican mom. she told me to make sure I told my family, I now have a family here as well. she is a great lady and she came to church with us this week too, with her 2 kids. they all seemed to love it and we will try to put some baptism dates this week with the kids.

this next Sunday we should be getting a new bishop here as well. our bishop moved and we didn’t have one this week. I'm pretty sure I know who it is going to be but I guess we’ll see.

well I love you all and everything is going good here we are finding great people and staying busy :)

With love ME

Me and Elder Roca- the kid of Elder Teahan

Fenton, Heppler, Larsen, Teahan, and Goff

Goff, Fenton, and Teahan- my buddies from the mtc

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Salazar

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celeste said...

Hey, looks like Down Town Tampico Elders could have a little MTC reunion! Be sure to invite Elder Wolfe to the "party"!

Elder Wolfe is in Ebano, Mexico now. Is that in your zone, Elder Goff? (Haven't remember to ask him these last several emails.)

Take care Elder Goff!

Mama Wolfe