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Monday, August 30, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Family and Friends"

Well today was change day but nothing happened to me and my comp. I will now be district leader and ill end up having 6 months here in this area just like my 1st one. I was kind of hoping to have a change but there is a reason that I'll be here for another one so it’s ok. There is someone out there that is still waiting for me to talk to them and ill do whatever it takes to find them. This area is tough that’s for sure we spent 2 day this week knocking doors and still didn’t come out with any new investigators. The thing I like the most about this area is the family that we live with. They are way awesome and I get along with all of them great. The dad tells me that they are going to go to Vegas when I’m done and ill have to show them around.

So this week for the first time I ate grass hopers. It’s like a snack here where they like freeze them and then just eat them. They weren’t too bad. It reminded me of like sunflower seeds but just soft. They were really salty but it was cool to give it a try.

We were out contacting and we found this really old man like 2000 years old or so he said he was here when Jesus came and I believe him. He was out side his house in a chair just hanging out so we went over to bother him and he let us talk to him and it went ok but he wanted to teach us. He kept calling my Johnny he said that all people from gringo landia names are Johnny so that’s what he called me the whole time. I started calling him José when we were talking to him but his name was something I cant remember but I did that and he corrected me a couple times and then I was like well if my name is Johnny then yours is Jesus or José and well we are already talking about one Jesus so your name has got to be José. He thought it was funny. The lesson went well but took a bit of time because he just wanted to teach us about how we evolved from changes. He is a good guy and every time we walk by and he is outside I call him José but I don’t think he remembers us.

We went looking for Estela a ton this week but she never has time to talk to us. She is the one that had a date for her baptism. She seemed that she really wanted it and I hope she still does. Well keep going by and see whats going on.

Jessica and Alfonso the other family that we have been working with weren’t able to make it to church with us this week but we had a member go with us to teach a lesson and passed over the plan of salvations again. It went well but alfonso told us that he isn’t going to go to church till he sees a change in his wife and kids then he will come again. He is a cool guy. He calls me brother white and I call him brother dark. (Hno. guero y hno. Moreno). They are great people and I really hope they keep listening. And I really hope we can be able to find more people who really want to listen to us.

Well I cut my hair and now I've got about as much as pops. No offence :) well I did it and I think the top of my head got sun burned because it’s been itching but oh well.

Everything is going great here time is flying by though. I hit 13 months yesterday and I can’t believe it. I love you all and thanks for everything.

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Salazar

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