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Monday, August 16, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Worland, Wyoming"

Elder Ika and I parting ways

Hey Family,

It's true; I have been shipped from Lander Wyoming. I have gone "clear" to Worland, Wyoming. Which is actually in the same zone as Lander. So I just went north 3 hours. Not bad at all. Elder Ika got transferred as well. He is still on his way to Lewistown, MT as I type. I had a hard time saying bye to a lot of people in Lander. I really enjoyed my time there. I had a lot of great experiences there that I will never forget. I'll tell you about a couple of things that happened when I was saying goodbye.

The first I'll tell you about is Jay Parker. The old southern Baptist. :) Elder Ika and I loved going there. I loved going there before and after Elder Ika and me as well. So I feel like we are really close. Jay is a coin collector. He loves collecting and it's something we had conversations about regularly. When Elder Ika and I went to say bye, he Walked by and stuck something in my front pocket and in Elder Ika's. He got us each a Silver Eagle. A Silver Dollar. Just a beautiful coin. With an ounce of silver. He put them in protective cases and told us he gave us a 2010 coin because that's the year we touched his heart. He told us each year we come back and visit he will have that year for us. It was a great gift. I will pass it down for years and years. I hope my descendants will see this and know how much that coin means to me.

The next one I wanted to tell you about is Keith and Desirae Price. Keith is a member and Des is not. President Gardner taught Keith seminary years and years ago in Lander. President called us one day and asked Elder Kuck and I to go see him. So we did and I have loved every minute with them. Des always teased me about making her cry. I would always tell her it wasn't me. It was the spirit that did it. Keith is Brother Alexander's nephew. The guy we lived with. Keith grew up part of his life in Lander than Vegas where his parents still live. He grew up in the church and hasn't been in a long time. Elder Ika and I found out why. It basically came down to not wanting any responsibilities he doesn't choose. So we continued to visit. Des would always want to feed us. And we would always have a lesson with them. We had dinner with them on Saturday. Elder Searle and I had nothing planned out to teach so I was praying the whole time for something to share with them. Then as I was going through my thoughts they went to Enos. And I knew that's what I needed to share. So I did and talked about how Enos went out to hunt and the words which his father taught him came to his mind. Then read about the story of how he prayed all day and night and was forgiven of his sins. I bore testimony of the truths our parents teach us and how they will always be there. Those truths will always be truths whether we follow them or not. With tears in his eyes Keith stood up and walked from the room. He came back with tears rolling down him eyes and handed me a set of scriptures and said, “I want you to have these. They were given to me and now I would like to give them to you." I asked who gave them to him. He said his parents. And I started to cry as well. It was so humbling to be given such a gift. He said it didn't seem right that I was leaving. He told me to tell President Gardner that he transferred me one transfer too soon. He said I was almost ready to come back to church with you. So I told him that shouldn't stop him from going just because I'm going away. He said we will see. It was a moment I will never forget as long as I live. Des said see now you made him cry too. Nope, that was the spirit. (She was crying too) ha-ha It was really hard to leave that house.

Everyone was hard to say bye to. Those are just a couple that have been on my mind the last couple of days.

I got to Worland at about 5 last night. I have been here a few times on team ups and stuff with the Zone Leaders so I kind of know my way around. I can at least find their house and the church and a couple people they teach so it shouldn't be too hard to learn. My new companion is Elder Hinton. He only has one transfer left. He goes home with Elder Searle on September 30. So I will be here for at least 3 months. He is from Gilbert, AZ. He is a fun guy and likes to play ball so we will get along just fine. We are going to play with some investigators later today. I played with them once on team ups before so it should be good.

I guess I should tell you now because I'm sure President Gardner will send a letter, but I was asked to be Zone Leader. Not a lot changes really. Take Numbers, Go on Team ups, Set the example, and Give training. That's about it.

That's crazy Dahlen is home now. A lot of my friends my age are getting home already. They will be off to college and married by the time I get home. That should be interesting. Crazy to think how fast it goes by. I wonder what is more scary, leaving home to serve or going home after. I'll find out someday I'm sure.

My new Address is:
1241 Lane 14
Worland, Wyoming 82520

We live with the Stake President and his wife. Great people. I had already met them on team ups once before.

I hope everything is going well. I pray for you all individually every single day. I love you and hope to hear from you all soon.

Love, Austin

P.S.  I forgot to say, I learned how to cross stitch too. Sister Holden taught the 4 Lander Elders how to do it. So we all have a pillow case with a tractor on it. :D

Elder Austin Gene Goff

Care and Share Food Bank Crew

Ika, Searle, Catron and Goff

Jamison Thatch and I. She is holding a picture she drew of me.

Jay and Shirley Parker. Sister Parker just went through the temple a few months ago.

Keith and Des Price

My cross-stitching skills

The District



Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Hinton

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