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Monday, October 25, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Victoria City"

Hello everyone,

Well this passed week we had a baptism for a kid named Christian. He is pretty much the stuff and he was for sure prepared for us. It was great to see some of the changes he made to be able to receive this great gift.

We also have a name named Marcos. Now the story of this guy is pretty great. So last Monday we were in downtown Victoria when a guy came up to us and was like hey do you guys talk about god and give lessons to people. I said yes and he asked if we would be able to go by his house to talk to him. I was like sure but it might not be us because we all have different areas. Then he said where he lives and it ended up being in my area. So we put an appointment to see him the next afternoon. When we showed up to his house he was sitting outside waiting for us with a book of Mormon. We got talking to him to see why he decided to talk to us in the street the day before and he told me that about 2 years ago passed by his house 2 guys likes me and my comp. one Mexican and one from the other side. He said that they knocked on his door and gave him the book. He said that the American was just trying so hard to explain what the book was in Spanish. He said he took the book but put it away and recently he decided that he wanted to learns more. he went to a J.W. service that some people invited his to and the whole thing was in English so he had no idea what was going on and he wanted to learn more about god in Spanish something he understands well he remembered about that American and thought that well at least he was trying to speak my language maybe they can teach me. Well he saw us and he said he just knew he had to talk to us. It was a great experience. And now this Marcos has a baptism date for this Saturday.

We had some great things go on for us this week really and I love this area and the members that are here to help us out. We are doing an activity and I'm excited to see how it goes with the members. I think they will do there part and give us a hand in the work.

Today was pretty fun as well we went up to this place here in Victoria where they have a flag on top of a mountain. its on the side of the army base and just about every missionary that comes here goes up there well a couple of us did it and it was great. It was 5 k the walk and we did it in 50 min and got back down in 20 it was a lot of fun though. It was tough the start of it just started with these stairs that were huge and went on forever I thought then the rest of the way was threw a tunnel of trees.

We also played a trick on my comp that was actually really funny. So Swensen and his comp came over to stay the night because it was going to be faster to do it that way. Well my comp elder Tec fell asleep really fast and me Swensen and his comp were just chilling and we decided to have some fun. We got ready then woke up Tec and told him it was time to go. It was only 11 55 at the time. Well he got up brushed his teeth put his clothes on and was ready to go and we headed out the door. We got walking down the street and I took out my phone and I was like hey Tec what time does this say I can’t see. Well he looked at it and then we all just started to laugh. It was way funny to tell the truth. Well I gotta get going still gotta write my leader, Pres. Call.

Love you all and have a great week

Love Sawyer Garrett Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

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