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Monday, October 25, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Hey Everyone"

"Billings Temple"

Hey There,

So this week was pretty good. Other than the fact we weren't in our area for most of the week. Last Monday for P-day we were going to have Sister Trombley take us to a little town called Hyattville which is near TenSleep, another town we cover. So we could check out these pictographs or whatever. Well Elder House and I got a call from the Assistants asking if we wanted to drive up and help teach a kid that Elder House actually went to high school with. He had moved to Billings to go to pilot school. President had run into him at the airport and the kid told President that he went to school with House. So they set up this teaching appointment with him and asked us to come help teach him. So we decided to drive up and teach him. So we didn't get to go to Hyattville. Then when we got up to Billings the kid called and cancelled our appointment. So we ended up playing dodge ball with a lot of the Elders there. Elder Newman and his "son" were there so that was fun.

Tuesday all of the Zone Leaders went to Helena for a meeting with Elder Allen Packer. On the way there we stopped in Townsend and said hi to a man a couple of us had helped to teach. Then went into Helena. What torture that was. We drove right by East Helena and a flood of people came into my mind that I would love to see. I never got to stop. It was a bummer. I didn't even get to go say hi to Jim and the Mangums. At the meeting we basically planned out the following 2 days. As far as what we felt like the mission needed and our Zones individually. So that was pretty neat. We got to plan a Zone Conference with a General Authority. Both of the meetings we were able to go to were amazing. We learned a lot. Tuesday night we drove back to Billings and went on team ups with a set of missionaries and we ended up setting a bap date with a lady who has been investigating for over a year. So that was a pretty neat experience. Then Thursday we had Zone Conference on the East side of the mission. It was the biggest group of Missionaries I have been around since I have been in the field. It was pretty neat. Great meeting. One thins that I have been saying in my head is this little process he gave us of becoming something. We Hear-Remember-Understand-Apply-Become. So there are things we need to do before we become something.

Church was good yesterday. It was both primary programs, and a lot of people came. We have potential of having up to 7 baptisms here by the end of the year! Wouldn't that be great? 7 souls saved? Incredible. We find out transfers in a week from this coming Friday. :S Kind of scary. I have never had a shorter area than 4 1/2 months. I guess we will see what happens.

Now about my card. I don't know what the heck is going on. I called the number and they said my account doesn't exist. Or they couldn't access it without 3 forms of Identification over the phone. So they told me to go to a Wells Fargo and find out there. The closest Wells Fargo is 2 1/2 hours away. So I'll just have to wait until next week when we go to Riverton on Team ups. It kind of made me mad. I know there was still money on it when Pops put the $200 in. Then I go to use it and they say it doesn't exist!? How in the world can someone put money in an account that doesn't exist? UGH!

I guess I will let you know next week when I go to Riverton next week. Until then I will deal. :) haha

Love you all. Hope all is well. Thanks for the love and e-mails.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

"Elder House and I"

"Elder House and I"

"Half of our MTC group"

"Really big Cowboy"

"Sweet bridge pic"



P.S. I forgot to say we went to Hyattville yesterday for a BBQ with the Trombleys. Those are the outdoor pics.

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

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