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Monday, November 8, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello World"

"Me, Macros Arriaga , and Elder Tec"

Hola caballeros

Well this week was a pretty great week from people making babies in cars to meeting a guy from Tennessee as well as someone people being converted unto the lord. There were a lot of things that went down this week and all in all it was a lot of fun. So we had the baptism of Marcos Arriaga this week the man who contacted us our first p day here and asked if we talk about god. He was an investigator of gold. Things went well for his baptisms not a lot of people showed up but eno9ugh to get the job done. His baptism was on Saturday and on Sunday we had planned to pick up like 7 investigators to go to church with us. we started going around at 7 30 in the morning to round them all up but not one of them was home or wanted to go when we went by. I was pretty upset but we did have Marcos with us cause he was going to be confirmed a member. Well we walked in the church and another one of our investigators was in there already sitting down and waiting. He said he got up and decided to walk alone. We went by his house to get him and his sister said he couldn’t go with us but he was already there so that was pretty awesome. I thought well at least we have one. As we were sitting there and started the sacrament meeting we ended up have 5 more inv. show up so he had 6 in churches it was pretty awesome and I was really happy for that. The services went really well. We even ended up getting a new ward mission leader. His name is Marcos Ordas he is 20 years old and is getting his mission papers ready to send in. he is really excited and want to go out with us a lot so he can learn and be a little more prepared. I'm super excited for that. I think ill be great.

So this week I can’t remember what day it was but we went to our food and no one was there to give us any so I was like I guess well go home and eat. I asked my comp if he wanted to buy anything from the store first he said yeah and we stopped real fast to buy stuff he bought some eggs and I bout some tortillas and cheese. We were walking back to our house when a guy said hey ELDERS! Usually it’s drunk in the street that says that or someone who has talked a lot with us before we went and talk to the guy he was on his way to Tampico. He was living in Tennessee is a member and the immigration found him and sent him back this way. His family lives in Tampico and he was just trying to make it there. we talked to him for awhile and well I felt like he needed the food we had more then what we did so I was like here I bought this stuff for you we handed him the food and he just looked at us and said what are you guys going to eat I said oh well be fine you get some food in you and get back to your family then we took off to work some more. I felt so good for doing it and so did my comp he told me. The dude was a really good guy and just needed some help.

We have this other inv. whose name is Edgar Figaroa. well he is here studying to be a veterinary person (the pet doctors) we found him contacting and we have talked with him a few times and well I never thought he was to interested till the other day this week we went by for the 3rd time and we had planned on teaching him the plan of salvation and well he never invites us in and we were outside his house and explained it to him and I just want to do it in a place sitting down starting and ending with prayer so I asked if we could put a date to come back later and we could go to the church and talk and he said yeah so we put a date and were going to leave and he asked what we were going to do. I was like well right now we are going to walk to another part of town for another cita he was like oh ok well is it ok if I come. I was like well yeah why not if you want. He went in and put on his jacket and came back out. We had a little bit of time still before the next cita so I decided to stop by the church and show it to him. we was with us walking around to citas for like an hour and a half it was really awesome the whole time he was asking questions and we were able to get to know him better. I thought he wasn’t interested at all but he really is I guess. I was pretty awesome.

Well that’s all the time I have but I love you all. I didn’t get to tell yell about all the things that happened this week but I few of them. Are here I have the rest in my diario. I love you guys thanks for your support.

Love Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

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