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Monday, November 1, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Week 3"

I hope this isn't a picture the mission president was planning to hang on his wall.. haha!  If so, I guess Elder Goff will always be noticed :)  Silly boy!  His friend from St. George stands out more than he does so I guess that's good!  It gave me a good laugh :)

Well first off Jason you’re a stud I'm glad to hear that you got accepted into med school!!! I will for sure visit you guys back there if that’s where you guys end up going. Congrats bro.

Well this week has gone well. We have been tearing this area up. We have been doing an activity with every family in our ward and this week we will see if it is working. we have like a little family night with the members and tell them how we have been blessed threw the mission along with our families and then we ask then how the church has blessed their lives they tell us a little bit and then we share scriptures of people that were blessed with being members as well I always share alma 36:24-26 witch talks about alma hijo tell about his blessing from his convecion. My comp shares one as well and then we invite them to feel the joy that there is in the work we are doing. We take out a peace of paper and tell them to write down anyone they can thing of who isn’t a member, and then we invite them to pray about the names and then will know who is ready to receive the message that we have. We put an appointment to return to their house and they are supposed to have someone from their list waiting there to hear the 1st lesson. I’m pretty excited to go back with some member this week and they have someone waiting to listen to the message. I think it’ll go great.

This week went by super fast like all the weeks have been going lately. I have been trying to do better about writing in my journal every night because I hardly ever wrote before. Well see if I can have my journal full by the time I get home. I’m trying to write something about everyday in it and its going well. I’m trying to write it all good and bad so I can remember exactly how it was. I love it here and I know I’m supposed to be here in Victoria and in this mission I keep finding more and more reason why I know that that is true. I love you all I hope yall had a great Halloween. Have a great week as well.
Con cariño
Elder Goff
And some photos from the training I had. I love the one where everyone is being serious but me and my buddy blazard from st gezee.

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

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