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Monday, November 22, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Transfers"

Well today was changes and nothing is happening to me and my son Elder Tec we will stay the same for another change. We are getting some work don’t so it’s ok with me that we will be together longer. I just hope I don’t bother him to bad.

So yesterday in church we had a great turn out. We had nine investigators in church. I was so happy that so many showed up.

There is this family name fam. Villanueva that I really love so much. The lady of the house is called lupita. She is such a great lady. She came to church yesterday for the first time and liked it she said. We went by her house in the night to see how the family was doing and she was really surprised and happy we stopped by. She had a couple questions from church that she asked us. She had no idea what D and C was. I guess they had a lesson in RS that they used a lot of scriptures from DnC and she didn’t know what it was. we explained it to her and everything and she pulled out a paper from her class where it had a list of scriptures that they used well she doesn’t have DnC or anything so she didn’t get to participate in the class but I left her my BOM with DnC so she will be able to study this week. I'm going to Tampico this week for training and I think I'm going to buy there family a set of scriptures for Christmas. I think they would like that. I think the world of this family and I really want to help them find the truth but its really hard for the sister to just change she says but we are doing all we can to help her but we can only do so much. Her and her family will be great members of the church of Christ so I just want to help them.

Hna lupita taught me something the other day too that I didn’t know. I guess the aloe-vera plant isn’t good just for burns on the skin but its also great for heart burn. she said if you get the juice out and get it, it helps a lot and as well if you put it is shampoo it helps your hair be stronger and thicker. She even said it helps bring back lost hair and well pops I think this plant was made for you :) love you

I have a question for anyone that can help me. I want to know what the 7 dispensations were. I know we are in the last on but I don’t know what they all are and I have been studying it and have found a couple but not all 7 so if someone can help me that’d be great.

Well everything else here is going really good just loving life and keeping on. I love you all and I hope everything is going great for yall as well.

Love, elder sawyer Goff

Ps. thought of something else I want for Christmas the rubics cube that I said before and some jerky from Uncle Erik

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

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