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Monday, May 3, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Family"

Birthday Banners from the Mangums and Tiff

Ok. So I wrote down all kinds of stuff in my planner to write home about this week, and guess what Goofy Goff did? He forgot his stinkin planner. So I tried to write down some things as I was reading the e-mails I got this week. So hopefully I will cover everything I wanted to. Sorry If I leave anyone out. :D

Last P-day we did a whole lot of nothing. Pretty much wasted the day playing basketball for like 3 hours. It was fun though. I just need to write a bunch of people back. Today will be what I am going to call "Letter Preparation Day." Sister Mangum even sent me 20 stamps so I'll keep the letters comeing their way. The sweet thing is that like 2 days before that I bought 40 stamps. :D So I have about 60 stamps. And A lot of letters to write!

On Tuesday at District Meeting I hit my head on a shelf and got a pretty sweet owie! I'll send some pictures. I just figured I had better tell you first so no one would freak out when they saw my head. I didn't need stitches or anything. In fact I didn't even Cry. ;) I was A big boy and just left it alone. I cleaned it when we got home that night. What an adventure. I don't remember the last time I had a head wound. Maybe last time I was knocked cold.

So about the work. Elder Ika and i are now expanding our efforts to the other areas of the vineyard God has placed us in. We are in Lander on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and every other sunday. We are in Fort Washakie Wednesdays and Fridays. Then we are in Hudson on Saturdays. So My Birthday was on Wednesday. I am now 21!! Wowzers. Hard to believe. I feel much younger. :) So My Birthday was good. Elder Ika made me a cake. What a good guy. The pictures are pretty funny. He is kinda goofy like I am. We have a good time. I opened my gifts from Sister Mangum and My favorite one is a picture album of pictures of me at the Mangum's house. " The Many Face of Elder Goff With his favorite family in East Helena, The Mangums!" It's pretty funny. She wrote on the back of each of them which makes it even better. Plus she sent another card game. I gues it's time I start putting all of these games to use. Next P-day will be Card Game Day! We went to the Rez to work on my Birthday and member couple took us to this steak place in Hudson. Which is world famous for their steaks. About $20 a plate. The Member who took us wanted to go for his birthday and found out mine was the day before his so they took us and we had club steaks which were HUGE!!!! I'm suprised they had room to put fires on there too. I didn't even get close to pounding mine. Elder Ika's plate was bare! He leaned over when we were eating and said, "Elder Goff I love you, but I would never have you as a partner in an eating contest." haha Probably a good Idea. I just am not one of those people that can inhale large amounts of food in one sitting. When we got home that night we cut out a tiny piece of cake and put all 21 candles on it! It was pretty sweet. :D Elder ika was happy to get a tie too. Oh yeah and the steak place is called Svilers. (Pronounced Sweelers)

Alright Tiff If you aren't going to send junk food you better send more ties!! :D haha I now have two ties that are Giorgio Armani!! Holy cow!! WOO HOO! You are the Bestest! Congrats on the new couch too. You and Jason are getting all kinds of new things!

JoliAnn wrote me and told me about Challis Barnum. :D I'm ok with her hanging out with Challis. He is a good kid. I grew up with Britton and if he is as good as he is Joli can hang out with him as much as her heart desires. I really like that family. Their Pops Glen Barnum was always really good to me. She also told me that this summer she is going to dress up and come see Sawyer and I. Talk to us and take pictures. (Because we wont know it is her) then she will go home and send us the pictures and say suprise that freaking girl wasn't just a freaky girl. IT WAS ME!!! haha She cracks me up. Love you little sis.

Glen wrote me too. Sent a bunch of sweet pictures of Garrett. You should for sure gorw out his hair until I get home. That would be so rad. His hair curls when it is wet like mine does when it is long. He will probably be as tall as glen i'm guessing. No one believes me when I tell them he is 1 1/2. Thanks for the letters and pictures.

Pops also wrote me and said Happy Birthday. He also said he is going to put money in my account again so I can go get some new shoes. Thank you so much. On saturday I was wearing those shoes and the sole of the right shoe is coming off big time. I'll have to send a picture next week.

On This coming Friday we have Zone Conference. Way up in Powell. A long ways from Lander. We will be leaving here be like 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning. Should be good though I always really enjoy Zone conference. Elder Ika dn I will be doing a musical number too.

I think I'm going to send a flash drive to you Tiff with all my pics on it. i have a ton of funny ones and Videos too that I think you all would enjoy. It's just too hard to send a bunch of them at a time on here.

Jason Cosby Sent me 2 copies of the Missionary Rap we did before I left. I have been wanting that for a long time so i'm glad I have it now. I forgot how funny it was. I also got a letter from Ty Tait telling me he reads these on the blog so I better give him a shout out. Then I also got a letter from Hershell Cummings. That was pretty neat. Thatnks for the E-mail from him Tiff. He actually wrote me too and told me i was a big part of him going on a mission as well. I thought that was pretty neat. When he found out I was going over a year ago he started to think about it and straightened things up so he could go. WOO HOO!! Atta Boy Hershell. Thanks for another good week. I'm going to write bunch of letters today so i can get some mail this next week. :D Gotta write Letters to get Letters! Oh yes...So Next year on my birthday i should be flying home! So as of last wednesday I had exactly a year left until I go home. I figured it out once. Thursday, April 28, 2011.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

P.S. It snowed yesterday morning. MAY 2nd AHHHH!!!!!!!!! :D Gotta Love it ♥♥♥♥♥

P.P.S. I think people should leave comments on the pictures we send on the blog!! It would be fun to see what they say. :D no one comments them! haha
Happy B-Day!

Elder Ika baking Elder Goff's Birthday Cake :)

Happy 21st Birthday to AUSTIN GENE!!!

Make a wish!

Damage Done

OWIE haha

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Current Companion: Elder Ika

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Jason and Tiff said...

I'm soo glad he took these pictures! Thanks Elder Ika for baking his birthday cake! You're the best!