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Monday, May 3, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "An Answer To My Prayer"

Elder S. Goff..  Wearing a sweet tie his sis sent him :)
Well, this week has been tough. This whole change will be tough I think. So, to start out with, there was not even one invesigator in this area at the 1st of this week so what have we been doing?? Contacting non stop and my comp hates its so so much. He tells me I work too much and I need to slow down but I told him no.

As I contact houses a lot of the time, he is behind me sitting on the curb or trying to find some shade. One good thing is that my comp loves ringing door bells. We are in a rich area and lots of people have door bells and the houses are huge here so I have my comp to push the button. Its really nice lol I feel like I'm babysitting at times but I'm just trying my hardest and trying to do the best I can. He gets scared when he sees a cross at a house and he doesn't want to contact it but I dont want to skip anyone so I do it anyways alone. Its tough but I want to be good at this.

Yesterday while contacting after lunch I was very thirsty and I forgot my water bottle at the house and it was Sunday so I couldn't buy water either. There were no members close and we were way away from our house so I just kept going and said that I would be fine and said a prayer that someone would invite us in and offer water. We contacted one entire street and nothing then turned and did another then when we were working on a 3rd street my comp was dying on me pretty bad and just wanted to go home, sitting down every chance he could and was telling me he was sick so we could go home but I knew he wasn't sick, so we kept going. Finally there was someone that gave us a little time and let us talk.  Ican't remember his first name but I called him Hno. Gutierrez the whole time. He came out to see what we wanted and I explained who we were and asked if we could talk for a bit. He said that his mom was inside really really sick and he was taking care of her (Gutierrez is maybe like 50 years old so his mom is pretty old) but when he told us she was sick I offered to give her a blessing that could help her out. He was suprised and asked if we really could do that. I told him that that was one reason why we are here. He told us to hang on for a minute and he went in to see if she was up so he could ask her if she wanted a blessing. He came back out and said she was sleeping but for us to pass anyways. So, we went in his house and were just talking at first about why we are here and then he asked if we wanted a drink :) I was so happy he did I'll tell ya what.

We then asked if we could talk to him about the restoration of the church of God. He said yeah so we started out with a prayer and included his mother in it. My comp gave the prayer and after Gutierrez was crying. We started in the lesson and it went really good and he seemed very interested. Afterword I gave him a Book of Mormon and explained a little bit about it. He was really excited and said that he wanted us to come back and give his mother a blessing and said that he will read the introduction before then. So, we have an appointment with him on Thursday this week again in the morning when his mom should be up but then I found out that we have Zone Conference on Thursday so we are going to try and go by some other time early this week. It was great and it really helped and was an answer to my prayer. Someone who was kind who would give me water and someone who wanted to listen.

Its been a pretty tough week but I'm not going to let up at all on working. I don't want to waist any time at all. I need to find those people that are here waiting to hear about this amazing gospel we have. I really hope my comp can get some excitement or I'm going to have to buy a stroller to put him in or trade him for a new one cause he might die literally lol jk. But, I'm loving it here and I love you all back home! Have a great week and... Family I will talk to you Sunday!!!!

Con Amor E. GOFF

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Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete

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