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Monday, May 10, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "I wouldn't rather be anywhere else"

Haha Jason’s face is awesome that’s so funny he looks like he got torn up. It was great talking to everyone yesterday I wish I would have got to talk to you and Jason a little bit more but Christmas is coming quick :)

So I didn’t really tell too much about this past week when I was talking to yall but last Monday turned out to be a good day. We got 3 lessons done on a p day contacting and that is tough to do in our area. My comp was mad at me because I wouldn’t go and hang out with the sister missionaries and I said that it was time to work but we found some really good people. The 1st lady that gave us a bit of time to talk was way happy to talk to us. She says that she sees missionaries all the time but they have never talked to her. We taught the 1st lesson and gave her a BOM and she was happy for that too cause she said she had never had a BOM before. She was a nice lady. Another guy that we talked to on Monday was at night when we wer5e headed home. He saw standing outside his house and we walked by and just said goodnight cause we needed to get home. He was like hey you guys are missionaries huh. So of course we went and talked to him. He said he used to talk to elders before but it’s been awhile and asked if we could come in and say a prayer with him. We went in and he told us that his cousin was really sick and he knew that we could help. We said a prayer and asked for a special blessing on his cousin. It went good and we made another appointment with him but he wasn’t there so well look for him again this week.

My comp has been getting blisters like no other. I feel bad but I don’t understand how. He has so much time in the mish I thought his feet would be just like rocks. He always wants to take taxis but I never do because it’s a waist of money when we can walk places so he doesn’t like that but it’s good for him.

Everything is going good here though and I love it. Wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. I love you all and miss you like crazy but time is flying by.

-Elder S. Goff

Hey ask Joli if Josie Browning got a letter from me and ask what they did with the boxes I sent home please. And can you please send me a converter thing for my memory card to usb. Cause the cable for my camera has problems. Thanks sis I love you and I miss you.

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete

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Myrn said...

Sawyer, I am so happy that you are doing so well. I am so proud of you and your decision to stay on your mission. You are an incrediable young man. I love you so much! Sorry I haven't dropped youa line before now. I have been a little lost since Grandma's death. Stay strong, you are in my prayers. Love ya tons,
Aunt Myrn