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Monday, May 24, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello Hello!"

Me at the institute building where we go to church at

Well hey first off I want to give a shout out to Mama Wolfe. I heard that she might be out there reading this and Ethan told me to tell you he says hi.

This week has been really good I was really really worried about giving a talk this Sunday but then when they never called my name in church I was pretty relieved. The bishop told me that I will have 20 minutes to talk this coming week now. So I will have another week of worrying about talking in front of a bunch of people. My biggest fear is talking like that so is all kinds of excited as you guys could think.

this week on Tuesday we were walking after district meeting me my comp elder Rodriguez and elder Lundstrum and I was looking down talking to Lundstrum and hit my head so so hand on this cement shade thing and was just perfect for a big white dude to hit his house almost good enough to be a booby trap but anyway I thought that for sure I hit it hard enough that it fell over but no worries I didn’t hurt it. Today I was walking with Lundstrum and he actually got hit by a car backing up. It was funny because nothing happened but he has been able to experience the real Mexico now.

We had interviews with president call this week as well mine went good but they are always so short but I learned that short is good and long is bad. If I have a long interview is when I need to start worrying about what kind of elder I really am.

It was my comps b day this week as well. He is now 20 oh yeah and he reminds me everyday how many more days he has just 70 something more.

I entered a house this week with carpet. It was crazy because it’s been so long but it was nice and I couldn’t believe it at first but it was real. I also had mango pie this week that blew my mind!! It was so good!! I don’t like mangos but the pie was great.

This week we had 3 people with us in church witch was great and we had another one that went to the wrong building but its ok because he was there. We are working really hard and I'm not going to stop. We had some less actives come to church as well this week so I was happy for them. I felt so great in church and so happy this week just to have some members realize that we are working. Things are going good and I hope they stay that way.

I love you all and hope you guys have a great week

Till next time, Elder Goff

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete

Elder Morgan, Elder Lundstrum and Elder Goff

Me as Iron Man and Elder Alderete

Goff, Wolfe, Tovar, and Ochoa

Elder Wolfe and Elder Goff

1 comment:

celeste wolfe said...

Greetings Elder S. Goff!

Imagine my surprise when I checked your blog! I was honored to receive a "shout out" from such a fine fella! I found your blog last week and mentioned it to Ethan in my weekly email which he read on Monday, May 24, 2010. Modern communication is a wonderful thing!

Ethan often speaks of you and your time together in Altamira. So proud of both of you for your willingness to serve and for the personal growth that is evident in your emails home! Continue to work hard and be supportive of one another! Hope to someday have the opportunity to meet you in person!

*Your emails are so nice and long and informative! And, your pictures are wonderful! Elder Wolfe needs to learn a thing or two from you!