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Sunday, April 17, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello"

Well hello everyone
  This week has been pretty great. we weren’t able to find to many new people this week like we were hopping but we were able to get 7 INV to church so that made us really happy. we are working like crazy and its getting hot out now so all I do is sweat but the thing is I feel like the muscle I have is just melding anyway and them tortilla are just staying with me so its not to great but oh well.
  I have started to read the BOM once again and I'm using a manual this to study it better and it going well something interesting that I was reading was in the dream that Lehi had. He described 4 different types of people. From that I thought again things and you can use that example as the people in the world and the investigators that we have as missionaries. 1-he described that there were some that just went right to the building, 2-he said that there were some that got on the bar and started to walk but then decided it was easier so go hang out in the building, 3- the people made it to the tree to eat they tasted the fruit and then heard the people in the building laughing at them and got embarrassed and went to the building as well even after tasting the godly fruit, 4- the people got to the tree settled down and then ate the fruit. The example that I was thinking was with the people we find from day to day. 1- sometimes from the get go people don’t want a thing to do with them Mormons , 2-others listen to the greengo trying to speak Spanish for a little bit but then later get bored and decided to go to pray to the virgin on their wall, 3- some people listen and get on the path and even make it to baptism taste the greatness and decided that they would rather be out with the vatos drinking some caguamas , 4- but then there are those few that are able to gain a testimony and be able to feel how great it is and want it forever and make it a part of them. They go to church every week and read and do the things like they should. Those are the few de oro that we are looking for.
  This week went good I sent a few pics from this morning when I killed a tlacuache. It’s called a Mexican rat in English I believe but its super ugly and eats the eggs of chickens so I took it out and we gave it to some members and I’m hopping to try some meat later tonight I really hope they save some for me and my comp I want to try it.
  Well peps I love you all I wish my bro elder Austin Goff would write me but I know he is a busy man. I want to know what day he gets home. Let me know tiff.

Have a great week Elder S Goff

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello

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