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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 Years Ago!

Bunkerville saying good-bye to Elder A. Goff for 2 years

Austin and Sawyer saying good-bye at the Provo MTC

Dad and Mom saying good-bye at the Provo MTC

 Missionary Name Badge

Mom putting on his "Elder Goff" tag

Saying good-bye to my lil bro for 2 years

Elder Austin Gene Goff arriving at the Provo MTC

Jason, Tiff, Soyboy, Elder Goff, Mom, Dad, Joli, and Grandma Goff
(Glen and Garrett couldn't be there)

Elder Goff, Sawyer, & Jason carrying missionary luggage

Austin's good-bye with Glen and Garrett

Austin and Sawyer with Great Grandma Leavitt

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