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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Time Flies"

  So I really can’t believe that it was over 2 years ago when we went and dropped Austin off at the MTC. I was thinking about that this passed week cause that date that I entered the temple passed by as well. I really can’t believe how time just goes by like that but I sure have enjoyed myself. It has been super tough at times but ill tell ya what the good times can’t get any better I love it all.
  I was wondering if someone could help me out I would really love to get some family stories about conversions and about pioneers to read and learn about my relatives I think it'd be awesome. And also a family tree to have for a few generations.
  This week was good. Its getting super hot outside but we don’t let that stop us. Last week I put the title of my letter as pingo and I didn’t even explain why. In this town where I am at they have their slang and how they talk and pingo in the slang is like satan. And well we have a lady we are teaching right now and she has a tree year old son that is absolutely crazy always swearing and hitting people and just causing troubles. Well the mom always calls him pingo because of how crazy the little guy is and I think it’s awesome that she calls he own child satan. I know that me and Austin were just little angles and didn’t do any kind of mischief so you’re a lucky lady mom :)
  This week we had divisions with the assistant and it went well. My comp went to Tampico and the elder swensen came here with me the 2 assistants are from my gen one gringo and the other Mexican. Swensen came with me here and it was really awesome we worked really hard all day in the awesome sun while my comp went to Tampico to be at the beach for semana santa. Haha jk it was good though and elder swensen were able to find 3 new INV and teach 5 lessons so we did well. We are really hoping of getting some people in the water this week and next week as well. We have a couple planned for this week but well see what happens.
  Well I hope you all enjoy your week tell Austin I love him when he gets of the plan and make sure you guys send me pics of him and everything when he gets there with you guys I'm really excited that he is getting done. I brag about him all the time haha
  Love you guys and Miss Yall.
Take care.

Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello

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