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Monday, April 18, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "El Pingo"

  This week went well. I have a lot of people who tell me I look like some guy off of the movie called universal soldier but I have never seen the movies so idk who it is and other have told me I look like the Russian off of rocky 4 and I take that as a complement cause that guy is cut.
  We had interviews this week. Pres came up here to Mante in the morning and all the elders in our zone had our interviews then in the night we had a junta with pres call and the stake president here from Mante and all the bishops. Me and my comp were the only missionaries there. In the afternoon between the interviews and the meeting in the night pres call and mama call came with us to work. It was the first time in the mission that pres has been with me during the day working and it was a great experience. He really knows what he is doing. He teaches with love but direct as well go right to the point and it work we and elder botello are trying to do the same. He was with us for a few hours and we visited some families and we have in teaching right now it went good and I love mama call. She is so funny. we were waiting outside one of our investigators houses and a drunk lady came up and started talking to us like she knew us and we had never seen her and mama call thought it was our INV and gave her a hug and looked and me and asked in ingles is she the Inv I was like no hna call and she like cracked up. She is a lady full and love and shows it to everyone. The day went good though. The meeting we had in the might as well went good we talking about how the members here are sleeping and we need to wake them up and we made a plan to wake them up. I just hope that all the bishops do what they said they are going to do. Some are kinda lazy at times.
  there is a kid from the ward I am in that leaves for the mish this Wednesday and well he is a way cool kid and I have become friends with him and I was talking to him about the things he has and what more he needs to buy before he goes and I was like you have a camera right and he was like no. I was like what are you going to do and he told me that he didn’t know so what I did was gave him my camera so now I don’t have one but my buddy pino does. Haha idk what I'm going to do. I feel like when a thought comes to my head to give something to someone and I don’t do it I’m being selfish so when I thought about it I then had to do it. I think I’m going to just go and buy a cheep one from like a pawn shop that will work till I get home nothing fancy but something that does take pics. I know he was really happy that I did that. He brought it to church yesterday and was taking pics of everyone to remember them. I feel good that I did it.
  well I’m sorry everyone I never have enough time to say everything I want to but that’s why I try to keep my journal up to date so later ill have everything there but I love you all be safe say your prayer and read them scriptures

Love Elder Goff #2 
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello

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